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Maker Machine NGV Creative Encounters 3D Printing Workshop

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NGV Creative Encounters this school holidays

We will be running our Digital Furniture Design Workshop for 13-17 year olds at the Ian Potter Centre, NGV Australia, click here for more information.

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Maker Machine SCAF
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Victorian Tour 2014

Maker Machine will be visiting schools in regional Victoria, click here for more information.

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maker machine opera
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Vivid Sydney

Maker Machine hosted Sydney 2050: City of Light, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia on the Queens birthday weekend as part of Vivid Ideas, click here for more information.

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Maker Machine Sherman Contemporary Art Foundationsmall

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Australian Tour 2014

We've just returned from touring Australia having visited over 30 schools around the country, click for more information.

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Interactive Mars Colony

Over 300 students worked together to envisage how a future colony on mars might look, find out more by clicking the link

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Melbourne NOW Bolwell Edge Design Residency at NGV International

As part of Melbourne Now underwent a residency at the NGV in the Bolwell EDGE Caravan Studio, for more information visit Bolwell's Blog by clicking the link

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What are other people saying about Maker Machine?

Science the way it’s supposed to be done – Hands on and interactive!
Phil Parker, Nowra Christian School
If you have the opportunity to have Maker Machine in your school, do it! The children will be mesmerised, while learning to use new technology creatively. Maker Machine is organised – they bring everything, they set up and clean up. The kids listen and learn because they are truly fascinated. They cater to any age children and have excellent classroom management skills. When Maker Machine was at our school, we created an interactive Mars Colony. The kids designed moving vehicles and alien creatures, as well as a city with interactive lighting. Some children even designed parts of the colony in Minecraft and printed them in 3-D!
Janna, Art Teacher
‘The students really enjoyed the incursion. This is the best incursion that our Junior School has had for a long time. It was aimed at their level and was interactive. They were introduced to the world of 3D printing, as well as taking part in a hand on activity that involved brainstorming a make believe creature, sketching it and making it come to life as a robotic creature. The student involvement and collaboration was truly amazing as they problem solved through experimentation and creation. The opportunity and learning taking place reinforced key concepts of Science. A wonderful learning opportunity and lots of fun!!’
Simon Coad, Trinity College Blakeview
Our Year 6 classes were doing a unit on understanding materials and how that can lead to discovery and innovation. When we were planning our unit, we were lucky enough to stumble upon Maker Machine to help us with the innovation part of our unit. Jethro and Sam were like a breath of fresh air. They listened carefully to our needs and fulfilled them beyond our expectations. All the kids were totally engaged during the session and each one left feeling successful and excited. All the activities were “hands on” and tapped into the kids curiosity. Jethro and Sam pitched the learning perfectly to the students’ needs and were extremely patient and helpful. I highly recommend Maker Machine for your Science needs.
Jocelyn Blumgart, Mount Scopus Memorial College



We believe creativity is a key aspect to any problem solving activity. we utilise design methods to work through our projects to encourage children to think outside the box.

Future Technologies

All our workshops and incursions feature the latest technologies including 3D printing and DIY robotics.

Problem Solving

Our incursions feature fun hands on projects that encourage children to tackle problems individually, in groups and most importantly of all using their imagination.

Team Work

Teamwork is a big component of our workshops, as children are encouraged to assist each other and share their knowledge.
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